The Beastwood Slot

The Beastwood Slot Machine Review (RTP 94%) 

The Beastwood Slot – You go on an exhilarating journey with some of the most terrifying beasts imaginable in Quickspin’s Beastwood slot. Five monsters can be found in the game’s “Hall of Horrors,” which has a grid with three columns and four rows. As the game progresses, the grid expands beneath the force of the successful combos. You can also create multipliers that can be applied to particular symbols or entire columns. The highest possible payout is 29,541 times the initial wager.

Sit Down in the Gigantic Home

This is Beastwood slot  “house of horrors.” The creators of the game have taken extreme measures to terrify bettors with weak hearts. In the gloomy living room of a home or mansion, the slot machine first activates. You may see a window on your left that receives moonlight in this dimly lit area, which is also lit by a sparse chimney fire. There are three paintings and three mirror frames directly below this entrance. One of them has a human-like figure on it. A long chimney to your right has a mountainous appearance that blends well with the area where the wood burns and its angular teeth. The entire thing resembles a monster with a burning mouth.

We see the same attitude in the Beastwood slot game grid. This grid is actually a very ancient or open piece of purple parchment that is not very well maintained. Whenever the roll is unrolled, you may view a variety of monsters in addition to the standard slot machine symbols, 10, 9, J, Q, and K. There are several terrifying monsters present, including the beastwood monster and the colors blue, green, orange, and red.

Many Multipliers and Free Spins are Available

A 3 column, 4 row slot called Beastwood Slot has a redistribution rate of 96.11%, which can fluctuate between 94% and 87% throughout the course of a game. Beastwood delivers a potential maximum payoff of 29,541 times the initial wager because it wins in every position. You must wager between 20 cents and 100 euros per spin in order to try your luck.

With the Symbol Win Multiplier in the Beastwood slot, you can win a lot of money. A 1x point multiplier is the initial value of any winning combination. The multiplier in question will therefore rise if, during the course of the game, the symbol on which the multiplier occurred obtains several of its equivalents on the game board. All of the multipliers for all of the symbols will be impacted if there are several wilds on the grid.

Remember that reel 5 is always in relation to a 2x multiplier, though. If this reel is a part of a combination, the triggering wins are automatically multiplied in accordance. In this regard, it should be noted that any new winning combination in this game results in the appearance of an additional reel on the gaming scroll.

Free Spins 

Free spins are also offered by Beastwood slot. 10 free spins are yours if the table contains at least 4 scatter symbols. Three more free spins are added for each extra scatter. Reels 4, 5, and up all feature a 2x point multiplier during the bonus spins. If more scatters appear, one more spin will be added. Moreover, free spins can be purchased for 120 times the amount.

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