The Archemax Solution – NGB | New Generation Biogas

We are bringing together; Advanced Scientific knowledge, Industrial Control techniques and volume production methods to refine and manufacture a compact, highly automated and flexible Anaerobic Digestion system aimed specifically at the Agricultural and Agri-business customer.

Why is it different?

The NGB High Throughput Anaerobic Digester (HTAD) is different to ‘conventional’ AD in many ways:Thermophilic Operates at high temperature for accelerated digestion rates and high levels of pathogen kill Autonomous Utilises innovative control techniques to minimise staffing requirements Modular Can be configured to match the user requirements, and upgraded to meet future ambitions Effective The HTAD processes feedstock at least 4 times faster per cubic metre of reactor than ‘conventional’ systems

Ten Questions to Answer before building an AD Plant in the UK – NGB | New Generation Biogas

Despite anticipated tariff degradations (DECC), there are still strong commercial opportunities for UK farmers and land owners within the UK compact (sub 250kW) Anaerobic Digestion (AD) sector.

Compact AD has advanced significantly in the past few years – both from a biotech and industrialisation perspective – and there are now efficient and reliable modular technologies (such as NGB) and plants that are well suited to the UK landscape and farming sector.

But with increasing planning hurdles and lower government incentives, managing your AD plant project for operational and commercial success needs close attention.

Ten questions you need to answer before progressing:

  1. What is AD?
  2. Is my farm suitable to run an AD plant?
  3. What are the key requirements to check my farm’s suitability?
  4. What different types of plant tech are there?
  5. How much will a plant cost to build and how long will it take?
  6. What permissions do I need before I start building?
  7. Will I still get subsidies and how do I apply for them?
  8. Is finance available to fund the build – or other options?
  9. What are the resources and costs needed to run a plant each year?
  10. What are the most common mistakes and best tips to avoid them?

At this year’s ADBA Exhibition on 6 and 7 July, NGB and Clean Energies Investor will be running a series of farmer clinics on the “10 steps to commercial AD success”.  The NGB / Clean Energies Investor clinics will be held on both days on Stand No. G301 and attendance is by pre-registration.

Myth of Medusa Gold Slot Review (Greentube) RTP 95%

Are you looking for the Myth of Medusa Gold slot review? This game, a Greentube release, will tell a story that has been well-known for a long time, which is not surprising given that it is based on Greek mythology. 

The Medusa has also been a key character in other slots by this developer over the years, so it’s not an unusual option.

Best of Myth of Medusa Gold Slot Review

Excluding the progressive jackpots, we don’t receive big prizes here, although regular combos can pay up to 80 times the initial wager. It’s a 5-reel, 25-line slot with a variety of bonuses including wild symbols, scatters, free spins, and a Mirror Bonus.

1. Betting Range

Because Myth of Medusa Gold includes 25 active lines, we’ll need to spend enough to cover them all. In this game, wagers are made with 25 coins, with total bets ranging from $0.25 to $50. A maximum stake of $2 per line is possible.

If you only consider the rewards offered by the game’s standard combos, Myth of Medusa Gold is sure to disappoint. When the game is packed with wild symbols, it can pay out up to 3.2x the total stake per line. 

If you have wilds on all of your lines, you can win a meager 80x jackpot. The progressive jackpot appears to be much more appealing here, although the chances of hitting one are very slim.

Because this game has a low volatility, you will win frequently, making up for the lower payouts. It’s still a game that doesn’t provide much incentive to keep playing.

2. Game Features

Medusa is one of the primary feature symbols that will undoubtedly occur in this game at some point. In this case, it’s the wild symbol, which means it can be replaced for any regular symbol that can make combinations on active lines. 

It’s also the game’s highest paying symbol, albeit with payouts of up to 3.2x total stake, it falls short.

Scatter symbols in the form of Gold Coins are the other symbols that have something extra to give. If two occur, the game will provide you with seven free spins. 

The red-colored triggering scatters are turned into sticky Medusa Wilds. Extra red Medusa wilds can appear on the first and fifth reels, giving you an extra free spin.

If you land Mirror symbols on the third reel while playing through the free spins, you’ll be taken to the Mirror Bonus game. The slot machine selects a random symbol and uses it to fill the center three reels. The disadvantage is that those symbols only pay half as much as they would in the standard game.

The appearance of the Jackpot icons on the 2nd and 4th reels in free spins mode is required for the bonus game that gives you access to the progressive jackpots. Collect 6 and you’ll win the jackpot.

3. Design and Theme

The graphics of this Greentube/Novomatic slot machine are scarcely worth highlighting because it’s neither a new idea nor a brilliant implementation. 

It’s based on the Greek mythology of Medusa, the woman with snakes on her head. The Royals are the first symbols, followed by symbols with pottery, Pegasus, helmets, Perseus, or Medusa.

Final Thought

In conclusion of Myth of Medusa Gold slot review, the game is a low-volatility game with underwhelming fixed payouts, but it also has progressive jackpots, so it could be a good choice for some situs slot gacor players.

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