The Archemax Solution – NGB | New Generation Biogas

We are bringing together; Advanced Scientific knowledge, Industrial Control techniques and volume production methods to refine and manufacture a compact, highly automated and flexible Anaerobic Digestion system aimed specifically at the Agricultural and Agri-business customer.

Why is it different?

The NGB High Throughput Anaerobic Digester (HTAD) is different to ‘conventional’ AD in many ways:Thermophilic Operates at high temperature for accelerated digestion rates and high levels of pathogen kill Autonomous Utilises innovative control techniques to minimise staffing requirements Modular Can be configured to match the user requirements, and upgraded to meet future ambitions Effective The HTAD processes feedstock at least 4 times faster per cubic metre of reactor than ‘conventional’ systems

Ten Questions to Answer before building an AD Plant in the UK – NGB | New Generation Biogas

Despite anticipated tariff degradations (DECC), there are still strong commercial opportunities for UK farmers and land owners within the UK compact (sub 250kW) Anaerobic Digestion (AD) sector.

Compact AD has advanced significantly in the past few years – both from a biotech and industrialisation perspective – and there are now efficient and reliable modular technologies (such as NGB) and plants that are well suited to the UK landscape and farming sector.

But with increasing planning hurdles and lower government incentives, managing your AD plant project for operational and commercial success needs close attention.

Ten questions you need to answer before progressing:

  1. What is AD?
  2. Is my farm suitable to run an AD plant?
  3. What are the key requirements to check my farm’s suitability?
  4. What different types of plant tech are there?
  5. How much will a plant cost to build and how long will it take?
  6. What permissions do I need before I start building?
  7. Will I still get subsidies and how do I apply for them?
  8. Is finance available to fund the build – or other options?
  9. What are the resources and costs needed to run a plant each year?
  10. What are the most common mistakes and best tips to avoid them?

At this year’s ADBA Exhibition on 6 and 7 July, NGB and Clean Energies Investor will be running a series of farmer clinics on the “10 steps to commercial AD success”.  The NGB / Clean Energies Investor clinics will be held on both days on Stand No. G301 and attendance is by pre-registration.

Mystic Staxx Slot: Gain Lucky Coins And Win This High Variance Game!

Stacks of symbols and huge wilds are available in the Mystic Staxx slot machine. The massive 8×6 symbol grid of this Red Tiger desktop and mobile game is filled with lucky coins and Chinese-style lanterns.

Your goal is to win up to 2,000x your bet by progressively building ever-increasing stacks of these symbols. This makes it easy to line them up across the 40 paylines for a win, aided by a wild symbol that can substitute for others. It eventually transforms into a massive wild to boost the winning possibility.

Mystic Staxx is a high volatility game with a 95.74 per cent average return to player. In our entire Mystic Staxx slot review, we will reveal the riddles.

Mystic Staxx Slot Machine Setup and Betting Options

  • Reels: 8
  • Rows: 6
  • Release Date: 08.07.2021
  • Mobile Version: Available
  • Minimum Bet: £ 0.20
  • Maximum Bet: £ 40.00
  • Minimum Bet Line: £ 0.05
  • Maximum Bet Line: £ 1.00
  • Paylines: 40
  • Win Both Ways: No

Mystic Staxx Slot Machine Gameplay

The Mystic Staxx slot has 8 reels with beautifully designed symbols. The exquisite green, purple, blue, and red lanterns are worth more than the lucky pennies wrapped in colourful silk. The level of detail on PCs, iOS, Android, and Windows devices is outstanding, and you can play it at any of your favourite online casino sites.

Red Tiger’s designers didn’t scrimp on the background details, with a golden frame against a beautiful red backdrop offering a stunning backdrop for the reels. The soundtrack, on the other hand, doesn’t quite suit, with faint mechanical clicks interspersed with jingles as you win. It’s adequate, but we were expecting lavish Asian-inspired music.

To the controls now, the Mystic Staxx online slot machine can be played for between 0.10 and 40.00. Select your bet level from a scroll bar by tapping the Stake button. The Auto button next to it automatically spins the reels, and the three lines at the top of the game display the paytable.

This displays how many times your line bet each symbol is worth when you land enough examples of the same type on any of the 40 lines from left to right. The blue wild symbol has a value ranging from 60x to 2000x depending on how many of the eight reels it appears on.

Mystic Staxx Slot Machine Features

When you first start playing the Mystic Staxx slot machine, all of the symbols are stacked two high on the reels. Keep an eye out for a 3×3 golden ‘Expand’ symbol. It might emerge at any time, so you might be lucky and see it in the first few spins, or you might have to wait a bit. 

When it lands, symbols convert into stacks of three and continue to grow by one row with each appearance of the Expand symbol. The maximum stack size is a whopping 20 rows, and as they grow, matching up combinations becomes easier.

There’s an extra bonus in store if you reach the full 20 symbol height. Because the Expand sign is no longer required, it transforms into a 3×3 golden wild symbol that functions similarly to the blue wild and substitutes for others to help complete wins. 

It may take some time for the reels to fully extend, but stacks of 4 or 5 symbols can make a significant difference in the win rate, so you don’t have to play until they reach their maximum height.

Mystic Staxx Slot Machine Features List

  • Wild Symbol
  • Stacked Symbols
  • Colossal Symbols
  • Stacked wilds

Mystic Staxx Slot Maximum Wins, RTP, & Volatility

The Mystic Staxx slot’s greatest possible prize is 2,000x your bet, or 80,000.00 at 40.00 stakes, making it one among the lower paying slots. This is a highly volatile game in which the relative rarity of winning combinations is offset by larger-than-usual payouts. Over time, it returns 95.74 per cent of bets in prize money, which is a little less than we would expect from a high volatility game.

Final Words On Mystic Staxx Slot Machine

The Mystic Staxx slot game is an intriguing game with beautiful graphics and a unique Expand function. It’s not perfect, however, with a somewhat lower than average return to player percentage and a win limit of 2,000x.

However, it is still a game we would suggest. The progressive increase of symbol stacks is an intriguing element, and with the wild added, you are more likely to win as they grow. It may take some time to expand stacks to 20 symbols, but the massive wild makes the wait worthwhile.

Increase your piles of lucky coins and elegant lanterns at the finest Red Tiger casinos by taking advantage of the largest no-deposit bonus offers. Continue to the real game on situs judi togel online terpercaya.

Thank you for viewing this Mystic Staxx slot review. Good luck and bet wisely!

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Down The Rails Slot Review RTP 96.51% (Pragmatic Play)

You must be looking for the Down The Rails slot review. This game is a bit of an odd mix of a slot machine with aspects of underground/metro themes and influence from key personalities in British history.

On the reels, those characters will appear, but you can also count on seeing their more modern selves. It doesn’t happen often in their repertoire, but Pragmatic Play did manage to create something unique in this case.

Summary of Down The Rails Slot Review

Twenty paylines are active on the five reels by three rows, Down The Rails slot review. A variety of bonus, wild, and money symbols will start the main features of this game. While striving to win its 5,000x top payoff, the nusantara77 slot machine will show itself to be rather unpredictable. However, a maximum RTP of 96.51% is available.


  • The minimum bet is €/$0.2.
  • 4.3 is a respectable score for the players.
  • 5000 times the prizes for advanced players
  • Increased RTP rate


  • The return-to-player options on the slot are numerous. Casinos are able to select the value from the range
  • True high rollers shouldn’t use the max bet.

1. Betting Option

The bets you can place cover all 20 lines, although the sums allotted to each line range from $0.01 to $5. There is a possibility that the total wager will be between $0.20 and $100. For a machine with this much volatility, a payout of 5,000x is only typical (5/5).

Three RTP levels are available, with 96.51% being the most successful. Although the 95.58% RTP level is an excellent choice, we wouldn’t play the game if it only paid out 94.50%.

2. Game Features

Newspaper wilds are one of the special symbols you can see on the slot machine’s reels. It should be advantageous over the long run and somewhat boost your game winnings when employed as a stand-in. It can create combos that pay up to 25 times more than the highest-paying symbol, even when played in combination with other wilds.

Among the random features were The Big Smoke (3×3 symbols were added to reels 1-4), Tunnel Vision, Shifting Stack (shifting wilds), Extra Blitz (bonus game), and Extra Wilds (Wild Strike) (mystery symbols).

The bonus game gives players access to additional free spins features like Buckingham Palace, Kings Cross, Canary Wharf, and End of the Line (Hold & Respin feature).

3. Theme and Design

The theme of the Down The Rails slot game is one of its benefits. Although the idea for it was inspired by the London Underground, there is much more emphasis on the important people in this country than just the trains and stops.

All of the Royals are represented in the first dozen emblems, but the most impressive ones feature images of Henry VIII, Shakespeare, Newton, Florence Nightingale, and Florence Nightingale. Money symbols, newspaper wilds, and railway bonus symbols are additional symbols.

Final Words

In conclusion of Down The Rails slot review, the game has a lot of interesting elements, and at this stage we are mostly focusing on its unique qualities.

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Narcos Mexico Slot: Are You Bold Enough To Win It All?

This Narcos Mexico slot review will guide you through the game’s best features and help you win.

Narcos Mexico, which premiered on Netflix in 2018, has been a huge success. Red Tiger is now bringing it to desktop and mobile casinos with their Narcos Mexico slot machine. It’s a 5-reel game with 243 ways to win, medium to high volatility, and 95.7 per cent average returns.

Supply Drop wilds and Double Cash 2x win multipliers are among the base game features. A Cartel Spins round takes place on a 10×10 grid, with cash values and multipliers leading to prizes of up to 10,486x your wager as gang bosses extend their territory. Are you daring enough to wager your way into the Cartel Spins?

Narcos Mexico Slot Machine Gameplay

Five drug lords from the series, including “El Chapo” Guzmán, Guerra, Fuentes, Félix, and Gallardo, appear with realistic artwork on the 5×3 symbol grid.

Playing card symbols are overlaid over skulls, bottles, and dynamite sticks in other scenes. It’s all set against a house, palm trees, and bullet-riddled cars, with the official soundtrack from the TV show playing in the background.

At our top-rated Red Tiger casinos, you can play the Narcos Mexico slot online machine on PCs, iOS, Android, and Windows mobiles. The betting range on each spin is from 0.10 to a disappointingly low 10.00, and you select a stake using the Plus or Minus tabs on the settings at the best online slots sites.

Click the three small lines on the panel to reveal the paytable, which explains how the features function and how much each symbol pays. The Narcos Mexico online slot includes 243 possibilities to win by lining symbols across the 5 reels, with Félix paying the most, up to 5x the total stake.

The Narcos Mexico Slot Features

Although it only appears on reels 2, 3, and 4, a pack of pharmaceuticals and scorpion wild symbol can substitute for others to help complete winning combinations. A random Supply Drop bonus involves a plane flying over the reels, dropping extra wild symbols to make it simpler to win at any time.

The Double Cash feature is another random event in the base games that simply doubles any win.

The Cartel Spins round is the major feature of the Narcos Mexico slot game, and there are several methods to trigger it. Any win of 100x the stake can be traded for the feature, but anything beyond 100x is kept. Wins of 30x to 99x can be gambled, and while this may activate the round, it may also result in a loss of the payment.

When the primary character of Miguel Angel Félix Gallardo appears on reels 1, 3, and 5, the Cartel Spins begin immediately. You are given three respins on a new 10×10 grid with the cartel leaders in each 2×2 corner location. 

In this round, only Mystery Territory win multipliers, phones, or planes appear, and any new symbol resets the respin counter to 3. Symbols become active only if they land next to a cartel boss or an existing symbol on the grid, whereas phones double the value of all symbols inside his area and planes enhance them by 1x to 5x.

If enough symbols are visible and a connection exists between two or more territories, the Cartel War begins, and the one with the most Mystery Territory symbols wins. The Cartel Spins will continue until there are three respins without any new symbols or you have filled the Slot Games grid.

Narcos Mexico Slot Maximum Wins, Volatility, & RTP

If you win the maximum possible prize of 10,486x your investment, the respins will likewise terminate. With a bet of 10.00 on the triggering spin, you may win 104,860.00, which is less than many other games due to the low stake possibility. The possibilities are always in situs judi slot online terpercaya.

Narcos Mexico has a medium to high volatility and a 95.7 per cent RTP.

Our Conclusion on The Narcos Mexico Online Slot

If the 10.00 maximum bet is acceptable to you and you enjoy the crime theme, the Narcos Mexico slot machine is a must-play. It includes realistic graphics of the main actors, a few odd goodies in the base games, and a superb respins additional function.

The Cartel War is a fun twist on a typical respins round, albeit the maximum possible victory of 104,860.00 is a bit low and could only buy a handful of KG of stuff from the cartels.

So there you have it, our Narcos Mexico online slot machine review. Good luck with the game and bet wisely!

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Jewel Scarabs Slot Review: RTP 95.77% (Red Tiger)

Are you looking for the Jewel Scarabs slot review? With this game, Red Tiger is taking the safe path and once again drawing inspiration for a game from imagery associated with Ancient Egypt. 

Jewel Scarabs is a slot machine with respectable potential and passable gameplay. Read our review to learn more about what it has to offer and whether it’s a good fit for you.

Summary of Jewel Scarabs Slot Review

The 5-reel, 3-symbol-per-column Jewel Scarabs slot machine uses 9 active lines to produce its winning combos. The biggest payout of the slot machine, 5,245 times the stake, may only result in a prize of $52,450 at the maximum bets. 

Consider looking at the Scarab wild/scatter symbol in the game, which will also award multipliers during its Golden Spins, as one of the better features. It won’t have the highest RTP available, but at 95.77%, it won’t have the lowest either.

1. Betting Options

There probably won’t be any specific paylines for you to gamble on if it’s a Red Tiger game. You have the option to choose your wager for the entire game area, which in this case has a range of $0.10 to $10.

The slot machine will pay up to 5,245 times the wager in a single round, which is above average for a game, based on the game’s typical winning combinations. You may expect a high level of volatility from this game overall because it does contain multipliers that can grow rather large.

The RTP, which is at 95.77% and feels below the norm for current slots, is one area in which the developer could have improved.

2. Game Features

Here, there is only one themed symbol, and it is the Scarab, which doubles as both wild and scatter.

The Scarab will act as a stand-in when it appears on particular lines with the other necessary regular symbols already present. This will let you create more winning combos and turn lost sessions into successful ones. 

If five or more Scarab wilds form their own combinations, the payout for those wins is the same as it is for the jackpot symbol.

The Scarab will be the same symbol that appears as a scatter, but it must be somewhere in view at least three times to count. It still serves as a stand-in, but it also initiates Golden Spins during that round. 

The triggering Scarabs have multiplier values and are fixed in their placements. In this mode, the multiplier increases with each successive combo they add. 

There is no cap on how high that multiplier can go, and the multipliers combine if you have multiple wilds in a winning combination (they multiply each other). From one round to the next, these Scarab wilds fly around and shift positions.

3. Design and Theme

Despite being an older theme, it can still function fairly well. The slot’s best icons, which may be used as wilds and scatters, are the Scarabs, closely followed by the Anubis symbols that can provide the jackpot. The Falcon and the Eye of Ra, Bastet, are other high-paying symbols, and the Royals are a low-paying alternative. Just win with agen judi slot online.

Final Words

Even though this game has contemporary graphics and a well-known concept, we wouldn’t anticipate players to be very enthusiastic about the opportunity to play it. 

Things start to improve, though, when you also consider the slot’s features, particularly the multipliers from the Golden Spins. Well, those are our results on the Jewel Scarabs slot review

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Hula Hula Nights Review: RTP 96.05% (WMS)

Looking for the Hula Hula Nights review? This game will transport you to a location you’ve most likely wished to visit for a long time. 

Hawaii is the source of inspiration in this case, as are the lovely hula girls who will welcome you with traditional dances and local flowers. Williams Interactive is the developer behind this game, and they have a lot of experience (WMS).

Summary of Hula Hula Nights Review

The majority of the time, this will be a 5-reel, 10-line game, though the Big Bet Spins will have 20 lines. Hula Hula Nights has the usual mix of features, including free spins, wilds, and scatters, as well as the meatier Big Bet Spins. You’re attempting to win a $12,500 jackpot in this game.

1. Betting Options

You can begin with a wager of $0.10 and increase it to $500 depending on the number of active lines used by the slot, which is ten. One of those lines could set you back up to $50.

If you get the right combination while playing with a $500 bet, you could win $12,500. The RTP is the same as it is on all WMS slot machines. 

The Big Bet Spins are the most popular, paying out 98% of the time, followed by larger wagers paying out 96%, and wagers under $2 paying out 94% of the time. Basically, you should either bet big or play a different developer’s game.

2. Game Features

Hula Hula Nights will be played with Tiki Mask symbols as wilds during a standard game. They substitute for almost all other symbols in the slot, with the exception of the Hula Hula Nights Logo, which is a scatter.

The feature list includes mystery symbols, which appear on the reels with green backgrounds behind them. Only one of the symbols on those reels will be changed.

Next, let’s look at the scatter symbols in this Judi Slot Online Gacor Maxwin, which can be used to trigger free spins. You will then be awarded 10, 15, or 25 free spins, depending on the number of game logo scatters you receive. Green reels with cash values written on them will be used in these spins. 

For every single Collect symbol that you land at the same time, the sum of the values displayed that round will be collected. If the Collect symbols exist three to five times, you will be able to retrigger free spins.

The Big Bet Spins will require bets ranging from $20 to $50, and they will feature five rounds that will all be triggered in exchange for that sum. There are 20 lines instead of 10 here, as well as extra features like double height scatters and wilds that can replace scatters and Collect logos.

3. Theme and Design

A Hawaiian theme will boost the spirits of a large number of players. The game’s tropical inspiration is easily visible, with relaxing beaches in the background picture, beautiful Hula girls among the highest paying symbols, and three different types of colorful flowers also present. 

The disadvantage is that you also get playing cards, which we didn’t enjoy as much. We  believe that the concept is sound; however, the implementation is lacking.

Our Results

In the end of Hula Hula Nights review, it is a fun game to play if you like tropical island themed slots, and those Big Bet Spins can be quite lucrative, so there are a lot of positive aspects to this game.

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Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven Slot Review: Real Superhero, Great Gameplay, & High RTP!

Read this Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven slot review and find out all the interesting elements of this Playtech amazing slot!

If you like horse racing, you’ve probably heard of Frankie Dettori, an Italian jockey. This athlete is a true legend who has brought a lot of world-class horses across the finish line on the racecourse, sometimes unexpectedly.

Dettori achieved his most famous accolade at British Champion’s Day at Ascot 1996 when he rode all seven winners (the so-called Magic Seven) to victory. That means he competed in all seven races of the day and he managed the super highlight with every horse to reach the finish line first. A true masterpiece!

This Playtech’s Frankie’s Magic Seven slot machine honours Frankie Dettori’s amazing day. With traditional racing-themed graphics and a thrilling soundtrack that includes galloping hooves as the reels spin, you’re invited immediately onto the virtual racetrack. So, good luck and don’t break your leg!

Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven Slot Game Controls and Requirements

Before you play this slot machine, you need to become acquainted with its functions and gameplay. Above all, this keeps you from inadvertently placing the wrong bet and shields you from unpleasant consequences. It is also important to understand the vital data of the casino game. Volatility and RTP information, for example, can help you understand how the slot compares to others in terms of odds.

Bets And Paylines In Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven Slot Machine

Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven slot machine allows you to select a coin bet from a minimum of 0.01 and a maximum of 25 credits. It is also possible with this slot machine to set the number of paylines yourself. You can also determine your bet per line yourself. There are a total of 25 paylines and 5 reels on which the winning symbols can appear.

You can see how much certain winning combinations pay out according to your selected stake thanks to the paytable (to be found on this slot under the Info field). This always gives you the updated version of the possible winning amounts. It is therefore advisable to study the paytable briefly before setting your bet.

You will always be shown precisely how the paylines run at the beginning of the game and when changing the bet.

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Play Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven Slot Machine Via Smartphone And Tablet

Playtech’s Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven Deluxe slot game is available on both desktop and mobile platforms. This slot online is compatible with all current operating systems, regardless of whether you use an iOS or Android mobile. So nothing prevents you from having fun in the mobile casino when you’re on the run.

After choosing the number of paylines and your bet per line, it’s finally time to get started with Frankie. This is where the real fun begins. You can start spinning the reels by pressing the ‘Spin’ button or by using the Auto Play feature, which allows you to choose up to 99 automatic spins without any action on your part.

Gameplay and Symbols in Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven Slot Machine

The aim of this casino game is to land three or more matching symbols. You are probably familiar with this game concept from every other slot game on the market. The grand prize is delivered to you in the form of the slot game’s wild card. When Franke Dettori’s face lands on the reels five times, you’ll get an incredible real money win of 7777x your stake.

The lowest paying symbols are the 10, J, Q, K and Ace symbols. There are also horseshoes, the sign for the finish line, Frankie on horseback with a whip in his hand and his likeness as a wild symbol. The bonus symbol is the racetrack with Bonus lettering and the sign with the game name Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven Slot is the scatter symbol in this Playtech slot game.

Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven Slot Machine: Bonus Rounds and Free Spins 

There are also two great bonus features to watch out for on Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven slots: the Magic Seven Bonus and the Free Games Race. You can activate the Magic Seven Bonus simply by landing the racetrack symbols on the first and fifth reels at the same time. 

The bonus round will then open and you will then be taken to another screen where you can select sections of the circuit. According to your selection, you will immediately receive great real money winnings.

The popular Free Games Race feature is activated when you land three or more Magic Seven logos on the reels in a game spin. After successfully doing this, you need to choose a horse to race with. Take your time, because a winner should be chosen well and thoroughly. 

Choosing the best racehorse wins 35 free spins, the second win you 15 and the third win ten free spins. During the bonus round with free spins, scatter and wild symbols can also appear as usual, but no other free games symbols or bonus symbols.

Conclusion On Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven Slot Machine 

Other Playtech slot hits include Gladiator, Adventures in Wonderland and Age of the Gods. All three are dedicated to completely different topics and thus offer every type of player a suitable setting and winnings that are impressive.

Featuring an actual superhero, great gameplay and a 96% RTP, Playtech’s Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven slot machine is a fun visit to the virtual racetrack. With so many great bonus features and the magical 7777x top prize, it really comes as no surprise that Magic Sevens is a huge Playtech hit at top slot casinos. The profits are impressive and we were particularly enthusiastic about the topic of horse racing. It’s best to try it out!

So, That concludes our Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven slot review. Be prepared to be patient, and if you are, you will have a lot of fun with this slot game. Source 777slot sites.

Cash Canyon Slot Review: RTP 95.88% (iSoftBet)

You must be looking for the Cash Canyon slot review. This game is one of the many new slot games from iSoftBet that we expect to see in 2021. It features a wildlife-themed theme, and thanks to the presence of the Kangaroo, it’s clear that we’re looking at the desert-like landscape of Australia. 

Regardless of the theme, the cash connection is one that everyone makes. This is a developer we usually associate with good games, so let’s see if that holds true for this one.

A Brief of Cash Canyon Slot Review

On the 5×3 reels of the Cash Canyon slot, there are ten active pay lines. A single extremely successful spin can result in payouts of up to 2,000 times the stake. 

Major features of this slot machine include scatters and free spins, as well as Cash Chip Spins and the Lightning Bet, which includes a special mode and Lightning Respins.

1. Betting Options

In some ways, there’s a lot going on, but the wagers aren’t complicated. Ten coins are required, and the total amount wagered per spin varies depending on the denomination of the coins, which ranges from $0.01 to $1.

If you choose to use the Lightning Bet, you’ll have to spend 200 coins per round in that special mode, which means you could bet anywhere from $2 to $200.

Payouts appear to be reasonable for a medium-volatility slot machine, with up to 2,000x the stake possible if the Kangaroo symbols cover all positions and active lines.

2. Game Features

There aren’t any of the usual wild symbols in this game, but there are some other features that can be interesting.

One of them will be free spins, which will require the appearance of 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols with the Bonus logo at the same time. Your prize will be 7, 10, or 15 free spins, depending on which option you choose.

The free spins will be very different from the base game rounds. Only blank positions or Cash Chip symbols with prizes are available. During the free spins you were given, you collect all instant prizes that appear on the reels. 

You may receive a Cash Chip Spin at any time while playing the game. It will cash out all of the currently visible chips.

Only the Cash Chips and blank positions will be used in the Lightning Bet mode, for which you must pay 200 coins per round. The Cash Chips will turn blue and activate the positions where they land. You get wins from the new Chips landing fairly frequently in this mode, but you also pay 200 coins for each round.

You can get 3 Lightning Respins if you manage to activate all 15 symbol positions by getting Cash Chips on them. It’s the sticky respins model, in which Cash Chips become sticky when they hit and the number of respins resets to three when a new one appears. 

Either you fill all 15 positions or you run out of respins eventually. You’ll be paid based on the number of Cash Chips visible at the end of the feature.

3. Design and Theme

It appears to be a standard wildlife-themed theme, with a focus on Australian flora. It’s why the Kangaroo, along with pictures of crocodiles, a dingo, and an eagle, is the highest-paying symbol. 

There are also four lower-value Royals, ranging from Jack to Ace. We found the orb-like Cash Chip and the Bonus Rock as feature symbols.

We’ve seen a lot better designs from iSoftBet in the past, so we’re not expecting much from this one. Overall, the design is average, but it should suffice for the majority of players.

Final Conclusion

In conclusion of Cash Canyon slot review, the game offers a number of features that may appear appealing, but you will have to pay extra for them; most are not included in the standard wager. It might work as an innovation, but we doubt it will garner much attention in the long run. Find more at togel online site.

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Skadis Hunt Slot Review (Medium Volatile, RTP 96.18%) IGT

Are you looking for the Skadis Hunt slot review? This winter, IGT will have you accompany a brave maiden in this game. It’s a slot with five reels, four rows, and 243 ways to win. 

This Norse slot has a medium level of volatility, which is why it has an RTP of 96.18%. On the reels, there are runes and characters that serve as symbols. In this real money slot, they’re accompanied by Wilds and Scatter symbols, as well as free spins.

Best of Skadis Hunt Slot Review

Given your knowledge of Skadi’s Hunt’s general characteristics, you should be aware that the betting range is set between $0.10 and $1,000. The symbols will form various combinations, some of which will result in wins. 

The top prize in this game is 10,000x the stake, which you can win during the free spins. However, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the symbols that occur on the reels, as not all of them will award you with large payouts.


  • Slot for chips Begin by betting only ten cents per spin.
  • It’s ideal for players who want to play with a large number of paylines.
  • High-rollers will appreciate the opportunities. The maximum bet per spin is €/$ 1000.
  • This slot offers the chance to win a large sum of money (10000x)!

1. Slot Features

As previously stated, the reels are covered in various runes. They are available in blue, red, orange, and yellow and represent the game’s low-value symbols. Horns, spears, mushrooms, flowers, and owls are among the slot’s high-value symbols. Then there are those who are unique.

Skadi is the game’s Wild symbol, and she assists you in forming winning combinations by substituting for the regulars. The wolf is the Scatter symbol in this game, and three or more of them will award you with free spins. When this happens, you’ll be awarded a prize equal to 5x, 10x, or 20x your stake. 

Then you can choose from a variety of free spins and multipliers. You can get up to 60 free spins and a 5x multiplier on your winnings. If you get another combo of Scatters in this feature, you’ll get another chance to choose.

2. Theme and Design

This game’s icy design is meant to transport you to the vast mountains of Norse mythology. Skadi will be by your side every step of the way, and she will assist you when she appears on the reels. 

Overall, the Norse feel is unmistakable, and it’s combined with a number of good mechanics that add to the overall gaming experience. The design is flawless, and the game is also available for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Final Words

In this Skadis Hunt slot review, the game immerses you in the adventures of Skadi, a Norse mythological maiden. 

It’s the ideal slot for this winter season because it features a wide range of symbols and prizes. The Wild is there to assist you in obtaining wins, and the multipliers during the free spins are there to boost your winnings. 

The Scatter is also present to assist you in triggering the. Skadi’s Hunt is a fantastic slot game because you can re-trigger the features. Try on situs slot gacor!

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