Dutch Flip Slot Review (Play’n GO | High Volatility)

Are you looking for the Dutch Flip slot review to give you insight of the bet and features? With so many new slots introduced by Play n GO, some unique themes are going to pop up at some point, and this game appears to be one of them. 

This game has vivid and brilliant graphics with a Dutch theme, as well as the proper amount of features and high payouts. Overall, it might be a viable alternative for either the Dutch or those interested in learning more about the country.

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Summary of Dutch Flip Slot Review

On the 5×3 reels of the Dutch Flip slot, there are up to 20 active paylines. There’s nothing unique about it, but it’s worth noting that each round may pay out up to 10,000x the wager, making it a highly powerful slot. Wilds, scatters, and free spins with flipped reels are among the game’s intriguing features.

1. Bet and Prizes

You can choose from three different bet options in the casino game, all of which can be adjusted as needed. You can choose between 1 and 20 active lines, for example. The quantity of coins flowing to each one, as well as the coin value, are then changed. Every time the reels spin, you can bet as little as $0.01 or as much as $100.

Dutch Flip, like many other new slot machines, will offer a substantial top reward. The amount indicated is 10,000x the bet, and it’s a regular payout in recent years, especially since high volatility slots have gained popularity. 

On the other side, the volatility is just medium in this scenario, so you receive a good deal for a game with this risk profile.

2. Game Features

The Wild of this slot machine will be a statue of a lion’s head. It may be utilized to make new combinations, with wilds acting as replacements if they land where you need them, but only if they land where you need them. 

If a combination of up to 5 wilds is generated, they pay off quite well (almost as much as the top symbol). Scatters cannot be replaced by wilds.

Respins are triggered when stacked symbols cover the first two reels, however they do not result in a win. The third reel will then respin for you, giving you a second opportunity.

The free spins feature will be the ultimate objective. To go inside after 15 bullets have been delivered, three scatters must be present. What changes is the first and last reels are flipped, so they each take the place of the other, potentially resulting in more winnings. You can also retrigger this feature up to five times.

3. Design and Theme

The Dutch Flip slot has a country-themed design, which is something we’ve seen previously, but not for The Netherlands. 

The graphics for this slot machine were inspired by the Dutch, and Play n GO did an excellent job with them. We can see fields of flowers, including the famed tulips for which this country is famous, but that’s just for the background.

The symbols on the reels are a mix of Royals, which provide the Jack to Ace insignia, and imagery associated with the Dutch. The top symbols then show us bicycles, flowers, wooden clogs, cheese, and waffles, among other things. Windmill scatters and Golden Lion heads are also used as wilds.

Final Words

Because of its visuals and theme, this slot ends up being a one-of-a-kind experience. The gameplay is simple for the most part, but it has a lot of potential, as shown by the 10,000x jackpot.

Last but not least, let us give you some suggestions on three of the must-try slot for us. They are Crazy Farm RaceDubya Fruit Machine, and Bees Buzz slot machines. Read the review first and don’t forget to bet wisely.

Well, that is our judi slot online terlengkap results about Dutch Flip slot review

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Playboy Fortunes Slot Review (Medium Volatile, RTP 96.24%)

Are you looking for the Playboy Fortunes slot review? Gameburger Studios’ partnership with Microgaming is continuing, and they’re getting ready to produce a new exclusive slot game for their collection. 

This game is part of a Playboy franchise that has garnered a lot of attention from players over the years, and Microgaming appears to be trying to bring it back. This isn’t truly an original game; it’s a clone of another Gameburger slot, and it doesn’t appear like they put much effort into making anything distinctive.

Best Playboy Fortunes Slot Review

Playboy Fortunes has 5×3 reels, 20 active lines, and a top payoff of 2,000x the bet in the best case scenario. 

Wilds, scatters, and free spins are among the better features described, with 3x multipliers available for the latter. It’s a video slot that pays frequently and has a medium volatility, with an RTP of 96.24%, making it suitable for casual players.

1. Wager Range

In Playboy Fortunes, your only responsibility is to choose the bet for the next spin. The available selections vary from $0.20 to $60, indicating that line bets of up to $3 would be used.

Payouts of up to 2,000x the stake, or $120,000, can be won in a single round by hitting special scatter symbols on the middle reels, or by using the game’s own winning combos and multipliers. It’s a good return to the player for a medium volatility slot machine.

It’s also worth noting that the slot boasts a 96.24% RTP and a hit frequency of 39.75%, implying that winning spins are triggered once every 2.5 rounds on average.

2. Game Features

The top symbol of Playboy Fortunes is, as is customary, the one that also serves as the wild. 

It will appear on the reels and can either form a winning combination by itself (paying up to 125x the stake), or it can be used to substitute a lower-valued combination. The Casino Chips and the purple Wild logo are the graphics used for it.

There’s also a scatter symbol, which can appear anywhere on the middle three reels and can appear in any position. As a result, getting 3 to 9 of these scatters will activate one of the prizes listed on the left-hand meter (up to 2,000x the stake), as well as the free spins.

In this mode, you can obtain anywhere from 10 to 30 rounds, with multipliers of 2x or 3x. In any case, the potential for this side of the game is greater than the paid spins. You can compare this to other slot like Kiss The Sky which also has the same features.

To retrigger this feature, hit another set of scatters and receive the same number of spins as the first time.

3. Game Design

Everyone will be familiar with the Playboy theme, and there will be certain expectations regarding the symbols that will appear on the reels. Unfortunately, Playboy Fortunes is not the type of game that will appeal to the brand’s target audience, relying mainly on classic symbols for its reels instead. 

Chips, Wilds and Free Spins scatters appear frequently, while other symbols include 7s with bunnies next to them, cocktails, keys, the Playboy emblem, and Bar logos. 

They’re themed, and they have a retro-style look to them, but it doesn’t appear that they’ve gone to great lengths to make it enjoyable for fans of the original brand.

Final Conclusion

This game is a clone of various popular Gameburger Studios slots and will provide players with the identical features. They did a good job with the symbols, yet there isn’t quite the right combination of symbols and Playboy bunnies to make it genuinely intriguing.

Overall of the Playboy Fortunes slot review, it’s not an unique experience, and when it comes to a branded Playboy slot machine, you’d think they’d make more effort. If you are curious about other games, visit the Keluaran SGP site and situs slot gacor terpercaya.

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Triple Juicy Drops Review: RTP 95.73% (BetSoft)

Do you need this Triple Juicy Drops review? Betsoft is kicking off 2022 with a few different slot machines, and it appears that the company has huge plans for the coming year. 

This gambling slot is one of the new virtual slot games that they’re working on right now. They decided to combine a typical fruit theme with a cluster pay engine. Even though the topic isn’t one I’d usually go for, the overall result looks good.

Explanation of Triple Juicy Drops Review

Triple Juicy Drops have 5×5 reels that spin to produce winning combos using a mechanism that only requires 3+ matching symbols in the same row/column. 

Even though the RTP is only 95.73%, it has some tremendous power, as shown by the 20,534x top prize that can be won. The wild and potential multipliers for it, as well as scatters, free spins, and various Prize Wheels, are the most intriguing features.

1. Betting and Prizes

It will need you to choose a total bet between $0.30 and $22, with the range of bet values listed ranging from $0.30 to $22.

That bet can be paid at a very high multiple in exchange. One round can pay up to 20,534x the stake, though several other characteristics would have to be activated in order to claim that much.

The only problem we have with Triple Juicy Drops and how it pays is that the RTP isn’t as high as you’d like. Even so, at 95.73%, it’s not far enough off the 96% average to consider the slot game playable.

2. Slot Features

When three to five symbols are matched in a row or column, you produce winning combinations. That’s all it takes; they don’t have to begin on any of the four sides; they can simply start in the middle and pay.

Following the formation of combos, the drops will occur, removing the winning symbols. New ones will arrive in those areas, bringing with them more wins and even more prizes.

The Triple Juicy Drops concept is used extensively in the game. Three random symbols appear on the screen, which you must gather in order to activate one of the Prize Wheels (Mega, Super, or Mini versions). 

Prize Wheels

You must collect all of these in a single spin, however, you can do so by using numerous drops. You’ll need 5, 15, or 25 symbols to get those Prize Wheels. After 20 spins, the exact symbols required will vary.

The Prize Wheel will spin for the player once it has been activated. Many Prize Wheels can be activated by a single spin.


For the regular symbols, Triple Juicy Drops also contain wild symbols for you to use. These are replacements, and if they form combinations on their own, they pay the same amount as the top symbol.

After you form a five-symbol combination, the game will add wilds to the reels. You can get 2-3 of these with multipliers if you have a column and a row with five symbol combos at the same time. If the wins meet, you could gain up to 5 wilds, each with a multiplier of up to 3x.

Free Spins

There will be a free spins feature, which will be triggered by 3 to 5 scatters (10 to 15 rounds) or the Prize Wheel spinning. You can receive multiplier wilds in this mode, which can increase your wins by up to three times. 

There are some drawbacks to this mode, including the lack of Prize Wheels and the inability to retrigger the free spins. Triple Juicy Drops review

3. Design and Theme

It’s not much of a concept, simply a standard fruit theme, but the execution is excellent. Triple Juicy Drops is a good pick if you appreciate gazing at something pretty and don’t mind the fruit symbols. The graphics are fantastic, as current as you’d expect in today’s world.

The cherries are the first of several familiar symbols on the reels, followed by bananas, grapes, raspberries, plums, watermelons, lemons, oranges, and finally the top-paying Diamonds.

Our Conclusion

To conclude our Triple Juicy Drops review from site game, it will provide the player with a wide range of unique features and intriguing gameplay, so while the theme is timeless, the actual experience will be unlike anything you’ve had with earlier online slots. This slot jackpot online game is now available at many online casinos, such as slot 4d.

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Cubes 2 Slot Review: High Volatile and RTP 96.35% (Hacksaw Gaming)

To know how to win big in a slot game, you should read this Cubes 2 slot review. With the release of its first sequel, Hacksaw Gaming increased their portfolio. This game is the sequel to the immensely popular Cubes slot, which was a big hit for the firm. 

Because there are no reels or much spinning in Cubes and Cubes 2, they aren’t like regular slots. Instead, they’re more like a cross between a grid slot and a Rubik’s Cube and Tetris. If that sounds a little gimmicky, be assured that the gameplay is surprisingly engaging.

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Cubes 2 Slot Review Summary

Cubes 2’s stripped-down, retro-feel appearance doesn’t strike out all that much at first glance, where its very plain 5×5 grid made up of multi-colored blocks fronts an equally plain background, as we’ve grown accustomed to Hacksaw Gaming’s unique style. 

Theme and Design

The appearances aren’t everything, and Hacksaw has a knack for getting the most out of a small number of elements. The first modification is that the ‘X’ has been relocated from the center to the four corners. When used in a winning, ‘X’ symbols, as previously, activate a few of features.

The grid is basically much all you see on a smartphone since Pocketz games, as Hacksaw refers to them, are created with mobile users in mind. 

Except for bonus games, when a new 3D animation has been added, playing Cubes 2 on a larger screen does not significantly improve the visual experience. Expect nothing flashy, as the emphasis is still nearly completely on getting cube symbols to work.

Volatility and RTP

Cubes 2 may be played on any device and allows bets ranging from 20p to £/€100 each spin. Volatility has been increased from a medium to a high setting, rated 5 out of 5, as part of the transformation from casual gaming to a high-powered gambling machine. 

RTP configuration has decreased marginally from 96.35% to 96.33%. Surprisingly, rather than boosting RTP as is customary, the bonus buy option offers a lower setting of 96.30%. It’s anyone’s guess whether this has anything to do with the feature’s volatility.


The paytable is made up of six plain square tiles, and that’s all there is to it – there are no scatters or wilds here. Each symbol has the same values, ranging from 0.10x for 5 of a kind to 40x for clusters of 25 or more symbols of the same color.

Game Features

Cubes 2 does everything that the first game provided, but with a lot more of it. The basic objective is to connect at least five identical symbols of the same color anywhere on the grid. 

If a winning combination appears (which happens 15.68 percent of the time), the gaming area expands by one cube in each direction, producing a 7×7 grid. 

Expansions happen in a row until the grid reaches a maximum size of 11×11. When there are no new winnings, the grid is reset to its default size of 5×5 for the following spin.

1. Corner Multipliers

Next, we’ll look at corner multipliers. If a winning cluster is generated that includes one of the ‘X’ cubes, the ‘X’ turns into the number of symbols in the winning cluster. 

This number is then multiplied by the final win. The multipliers are mixed together before being applied if the winning cluster links with more than one ‘X’.

2. Free Spins

Cubes 2’s free spins feature is activated when 5 cluster wins of different colors appear in a spin sequence – 5 free spins are awarded initially, and before they begin, various cubes display on the screen for players to click. 

The revealed numbers increase the number of free spins until your chosen color appears, at which point the picking game ends and the free spins begin. Any wins made with the specified color become sticky during the feature.

Furthermore, the grid does not reset between spins, so if you reach the maximum configuration of 11×11, the grid will remain that size. 

The Color Blast feature also distinguishes free spins; if 50, 70, or 90 sticky blocks of the selected color appear on the grid, an instant win of 500x, 2,500x, or 7,000x the stake is awarded.

3. Multi Color

Multi Color free spins is the second bonus game, which is triggered when all four corners of the grid are the same color on the first spin. 

Before the feature begins, players select cubes to determine the number of free spins and the sticky block colors. This round follows the identical rules as the last bonus round, with the exception that the Color Blast does not occur.

4. Buy Feature

The feature buy is a final touch that is guaranteed to please certain Cubes fans. There are two alternatives here: Multi Color free spins, which costs 109x the wager, and free spins, which pays 129x the total stake. On the other hand, hitting a bonus generally exists once every 223 spins on average.

Final Summary

Cubes is one of those games that you would not believe needed a sequel at first, but after playing part 2, you’ll see why. 

Hacksaw cleverly kept or modified everything that made the first game so enjoyable, while also adding a few additions to make the sequel a far stronger game. 

Cubes was already a fun betting version of Tetris (much more so than the genuine Tetris slot), but this game takes it to the next level. In the end, that is pokergalaxy Cubes 2 slot review that you can find out. 

Last but not least, we’d like to recommend you to play some simple classic slots to get used to the slot pattern. Try Mars Odyssey, Cleopatra, or Diamond Dozen slot machines if you like themed slot games.

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Getting Know the Secret Strategies for Winning Button Straddle Battles

In poker, a live straddle bet is an additional, voluntary blind wager made by a player before the cards are dealt. The straddle is “live” because that player gets to be the last one to act in the preflop bet, with the possibility of raising if no one else has.

When players start posting straddles, expect to make a few changes in how you think about and play slot deposit pulsa. So, you need to know about some strategies for winning button straddle battles.

Strategies for Winning Button Straddle Battles  : Straddles Raise the Stakes

Straddles boost the stakes and, as a result, reduce everyone’s stack-to-pot ratio (SPR). Stop thinking about your stack as 150 huge blinds, instead, consider it 75 straddles.

Limping and rearing are becoming more costly, because the straddle is classified as a third blind bet, retiring into the stack costs the straddle amount, making a cheap flop more difficult to spot. The minimum increase will be double that amount.

Many poker venues will only allow straddles from the button for double the large blind. Others enable the button to straddle, or allow for greater or limitless straddles. The Mississippi Straddle rule, which is often employed in private games, allows for a straddle of any sum from any position.

Strategies for Winning Button Straddle Battles : Button Straddle Most Perplexing

The strategies for winning button straddle battles, on the other hand, are the most perplexing. Let us concentrate our efforts there. The button already has the distinct benefit of being the last player to act in each post-flop betting round.

By posting a crossover, he or she also acts final preflop and reaps these benefits for greater effective stakes than in other non-straddle pots.

Some opponents will straddle every time the button is pressed. Others may react by becoming copycats, straddling on every button in the hope of canceling out the initial straddler’s advantage. It’s possible that the 2 or 5 dollars game you entered has evolved into a 5 or 10 dollars game. Is that what you expected when you joined up?

Strategies for Winning Button Straddle Battles: Make Profitable Adjustments

The scope of this essay extends beyond the question of whether the advantage obtained by increasing the stakes in position outweighs the predicted value lost by willingly placing more chips in the pot before looking at your cards.

Personally, I prefer not to cross and instead save my chips until I know if my cards are worth investing in.

However, there are certain beneficial tweaks to make against strategies for winning button straddle battles. In each situation, you must pay close attention to how the straddler and other gamers approach these hands. Straddles tend to magnify the underlying tendencies of many players, making passive gamers more passive, loose playing looser, and gamblers more gambling.

Consider limping with the strongest section of your range against button straddlers who prefer to assault numerous limpers, even if many other players have already limped in. Of course, reraise as the action resumes.

Strategies For Winning Button Straddle Battles in Non-Straddle Pot

In a non-straddle pot, you might never limp with K-K or Q-Q after numerous other limps, but against a button straddler with a high raising frequency, this becomes a means to create money.

Many of your opponents will defend their button straddles with a very broad and poor range, feeling that their positioning advantage overrides all other factors. If there is an available seat to their immediate right, consider shifting. 

Being second-to-last preflop allows you to play a tight-aggressive strategy while witnessing everyone else’s moves and having a big range advantage over the lone player who potentially has an advantageous post-flop position. Raise more than you would versus an under-the-gun straddle in order to demand the highest possible price when the button persists in defending.

Hands with minimal strength are folded. While this is generally sound advice, folding is even more effective against button straddles. Adjust your folding range to include your weaker hands. Keep in mind that the strategies for winning button straddle battles decrease your SPR in half, lowering the implied odds that make these hands winnable.

Why You Should Check the Amount of Stack and Pocket Money

Check the amount of your stack and your pocket money. If you have fewer than 100 large blinds in your stack, you might decide to play short-stacked poker on the straddle hands, with pre-flop shoves being a feasible option. 

Keep in mind that other short stacks may begin to go all-in instead of making normal-sized raises. Alternatively, reload your stack to ensure you have enough chips to navigate the flop, turn, and river betting whenever you become involved.

Be wary if a group of players conspires to convince every player to straddle. “Let’s do some straddles!” is a frequent request. Prepare to see a lot of chips flying about.

If you’re not into that type of gaming slot mpo terbaru, there’s no guilt in taking a 20-minute break or finding another table at a situs slot online that suits you better.

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Live Casino Game Tips 

Today we will provide interesting game tips on how to play some games at a live casino. from poker, Baccarat, and all the games in the live casino.

Live casino poker tips

Here are game tips to play Live poker is the most authentic way to play the game. You can read your fellow players’ body language, pick up on their tells, and figure out how strong their hands are.

But you should be aware that when you play live poker, your fellow players can see you, including any tells you to give away.

Before playing a live game, we recommend knowing the poker hand rankings and crucial variants. Here are some of the most popular poker variations:

  • Texas hold ’em bonus poker
  • Caribbean stud poker
  • Stud poker

This will assist you in remembering the strength of your betting position at any particular time. This will assist you to avoid giving your opponents any free information about your hand.

888 is our favorite place to play live poker. You can check out 888 Casino’s live poker games tips right now to discover how fantastic they are.

Live casino roulette tips

One of the most popular games among gamblers is roulette. The most important thing to remember about playing roulette in a live casino is that the rules are the same as they are for non-live games.

This means that before you play a game, you should make sure you understand the various roulette betting techniques.

The reason for this is that it will assist you in making selections that will allow you to have the most enjoyment while also increasing your chances of earning money.

We recommend that you visit Casino LeoVegas, MPOAPI, and Bovada if you enjoy playing live roulette. This is because it features the most games, with 42 to select from.

Live casino blackjack tips

Blackjack is one of the easiest games to learn, making it great for both new and seasoned gamblers to practice their abilities.

While live games follow the same rules as non-live games, the basic blackjack strategy for betting while playing is what you need to know.

This is because it will assist you in placing the appropriate bets at the appropriate times, boosting your chances of having a profitable session. Meet your luck playing gambling only at slot online.

Live casino baccarat tips

Live baccarat is a popular game at both land-based and internet casinos. It’s a fast-paced card game (many rounds might last less than a minute), making it great for passing the time.

You compete in live baccarat games against a dealer who oversees the game’s flow and deals the cards. This allows you to concentrate on making decisions about the bets to place, the amount of money you want to stake, and having fun while playing the game.

These are the most important things to know if you’re new to baccarat:

  • You play against the dealer 
  • You choose the Bank hand or the Player hand
  • All cards have a point score 
  • Games are won by the highest scorer — player or banker 
  • Games can end in a draw

We’ve produced a comprehensive guide to winning at baccarat (which explains the card values and other aspects of the game) that you should study before playing live games at your favorite casinos.

However, if you’re already familiar with the game and want some pointers, here are some methods you may use right away:

  • One-sided strategy: pick either the player or banker and only bet on this individual.  
  • Breaking the doubles strategy: game results can show a zigzag between player and banker winning — bet on the opposite to the pattern.

So pick your casino, sit at a live dealer table, learn some online strategy, and enjoy a thrilling game of baccarat.

Live casino Sic Bo tips

Sic Bo is a dice game in which three dice are used. It’s very popular in Macau’s gambling halls, and it’s also fantastic to play at live casinos if you’re looking for a low-skill dealer game.

Sic Bo is a game with a very simple concept. You bet on the outcome of the dealer’s three dice roll, and you can make a variety of bets on how the dice will land.

Our Sic Bo strategy guide explains the many bets you can make, and we recommend reading it before playing at a live casino. If you want a fast overview of the best, we’ve highlighted them (along with the scores required for them to win) below:

  • Big: 11-17*
  • Small: 4-8*
  • Odd: odd*
  • Even: even*
  • Specific ‘Alls’ or ‘Triples’: the three dice all show the same specific number 
  • Specific Doubles: two or more of the dice show the same specific number 
  • Any All ‘Alls’ or Triple: any triple number 
  • Three Dice Total: a specific total from a range of options 
  • Dice Combinations: two or more of the dice must have a combination — e.g. 2 and 3
  • Single Dice Bet: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 will appear on three, two, or one of the dice
  • Three Single Number Combination: your dice need to have a specific combination of three different numbers
  • Specific Double And Single Number Combination: two of your dice will have a specific number, with the third showing a different (but still specific) number
  • Four-Number Combination: Three of the four numbers from these combinations must be shown:
  • 4, 3, 2, 1
  • 5, 4, 3, 2
  • 6, 5, 3, 2
  • 6, 5, 4, 3

So, find a live casino, sit down at a Sic Bo table, and determine what bets to place.

That’s it for now. We want to remind you if you are also into online slot machines, sports betting, or eSports, we have many articles about those betting. We cover all things from online casino slots guide to pitfalls in sports betting. Make sure you check them all. Good luck!

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